So you buy a server and install vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition. It’s replacing all those computers and hosts your virtualized desktops, probably in another room where you can’t see or hear it. You give each of your users a keyboard, mouse and monitor, then plug them into an NComputing access device like the RX300. Connect to your network via LAN or WIFI, and now each of your people have their own virtual computer with support for the latest Windows operating systems. That’s it.

It’s quiet in here. That’s because there are no fans or hard drives spinning around, creating heat that your air conditioner then works hard at removing. You’re saving money on acquisition costs, energy, and on-going maintenance while reducing noise pollution. Did we mention the access devices are small and can mount to the back of your monitors? Genius. And in the back room, you can make more efficient use of the host computers by increasing user density with NComputing vCAST streaming technology. vCAST provides your users with great multimedia playback experience while reducing the load on your host computers.