daily packages

product price rwf comment

60MB 100 Daily Voucher
150MB 200 Daily Voucher
300MB 300 Daily Voucher
500MB 600 Daily Voucher
1GB 1000 Daily Voucher
volume packages
1GB 2000 volume packages
Pisconetworks Monthly 3GB bundle 4000 volume packages
weeky 1GB bundle 2700 volume packages
monthly 100GB Bundle 153,000 volume packages
Agahebuzo volume packages
5GB 3,500 volume packages
10GB 5,500 volume packages
30GB 15,000 volume packages
50GB 25,000 volume packages
Education packages
MUP 1GB/Day+Up to 3Mbps 25,000 E-learning packages
MUP 2GB/Day+Up to 3Mbps 35,000 E-learning packages
Time Based packages
Smart MUP 500MB/Day 13,500 Time Based packages
Smart MUP (500MB/Day+500Mb/Night) 17,000 Time Based packages
Private MUP 30GB(1GB/Day)+128Kbps 23,000 Time Based packages
Private MUP 60GB(2GB/Day)+256Kbps 31,000 Time Based packages
Private MUP 90GB(3GB/Day)+256Kbps 65,000 Time Based packages
Private MUP 120GB(4GB/Day)+512Kbps 87,000 Time Based packages
Fixed speed Packages
Pisconetworks Fixed Wireless 512Kbps 60,000 VPN over LTE
1Mbps 120,000 VPN over LTE
3Mbps 266,000 VPN over LTE
5Mbps 365,000 VPN over LTE
Isanzure Packages
5GB weekly 5,500 Isanzure Packs
10GB weekly 10,000 Isanzure Packs
One Network Products
Fixed LTE Connectivity 3 Mbps Monthly 96,000 Government packages
Fixed LTE Connectivity 5 Mbps Monthly 120,000 Government packages
Public MUP 60GB(2GB/Day)+128Kbps 33,400 Government packages
Public MUP 120GB(4GB/Day)+256Kbps 53,500 Government packages
Public MUP 240GB(8GB/Day)+512Kbps 91,700 Government packages
Public MUP 300GB(10GB/Day)+512Kbps 118,500 Government Based packages